Your Guide to Local Events and Festivals in Victoria

The entertainment, events and festivals in Victoria scene offers a great selection for a night out on the town or a family fun day. We are known as the Garden City but we could just as easily be known for our vibrant live entertainment, artisans, festivals and events.  

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Northwest Deuce Days 2019

Most of the activities identified on our list are annual celebrations that we all look forward to. Get your calendar out and schedule time to take in some very cool experiences. Several of these events attract visitors from across the Pacific Northwest and Lower Mainland. Northwest Deuce Days draw fans from around the globe. 

Get ready for world class entertainment!

Events and Festivals in Victoria:

  • Aeriosa (August, Esquimalt) - not confirmed for 2022
  • Buskerfest (July, Victoria) - not confirmed for 2022
  • Buccaneer Days (May, Esquimalt)
  • Christmas Craft Beer Show (November/December, Victoria)
  • Classic Boat Festival (August/September, Victoria)
  • Diner en Blanc (June, surprise location!)
  • Dragon Boat Festival (August, Victoria)

Find tickets for shows, events and festivals in Victoria. 

Photo credit: Times Colonist

When planning to attend some of the larger events and festivals in Victoria that draw crowds in the tens of thousands, it is important to have a strategy for when the show is over.

If you must drive, then parking several blocks away from the celebration area and bringing a wagon (we use ours for so many things and I love that it folds up for storage) or stroller works well. 


If you are taking BC Transit home, consider walking to one or two bus stops before where the large crowds are. You will have a better chance on getting on a bus before it gets too full to accept more passengers. It can sometimes be a lengthy wait (seemingly longer with children or in inclement weather) to get a bus after large events downtown. 

Our handy monthly guides will help you plan your visit to Victoria with everything you need to know about the weather, how to dress, foods in seasons and even more events listed for each month. 













Did we miss one of your favourite festivals and events? Use our Contact Us form to tell us about it and include photos if you have them. 

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