Traveling with a Dog

Deciding whether or not to go traveling with a dog can be a challenging decision. Exploring new places with your beloved companion can be very appealing but whether that's a bike ride around the neighbourhood, a car trip or even air travel, there are many factors to consider.

Research in Advance

The first thing to consider is the destination. A trip to the park requires different preparation than international travel. But even when heading to a park, you need to be aware of whether it is off leash or not, whether there is doggy fountain and whether your furry friend is allowed on the beach. So regardless of where you are traveling with a dog, you should thoroughly research your intended destination.

If you are traveling with a dog on vacation, here are some of the things you'll want to research in advance:

  • pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches (in most communities of Greater Victoria, dogs are only permitted on the beach in winter months so it is really important to be aware of local bylaws)
  • ensure local laws and regulations allow dogs in public spaces and understand if there are any breed-specific restrictions
  • check the availability of veterinary services in the area, just in case your pet requires medical attention during your trip

Researching and planning ahead will help you find destinations that cater to dogs and avoid any unnecessary hassles or disappointments.

Mode of Transportation

Consider the mode of transportation you'll be using for your trip.
If you're traveling by bicycle, your dog's comfort and safety is the utmost concern. You'll need to invest in a bicycle carrier that suits your dog's size and temperament. There are a few different styles to consider. 

A foldable, removable handle-bar basket such as this one is an excellent choice if it suits your dogs size and weight. Another style is the travel trailer that attaches to the frame of your bike, similar to one built for small children. This one is much bulkier to store but provides a good amount of comfort for your pet plus room to store some of your belongings. The last style is similar to the handle-bar basket but is mounted to a rear carrier instead. Your investment may depend on the length of your trip or the amount of usage you anticipate.

Similar to the bicycle, if you're traveling with a dog by car, then your dog's comfort with long journeys is paramount. You'll want to invest in certain safety measures such as a secure crate or a seat belt tether/harness.

Traveling by air requires even more research. You'll need to be aware of the policies of the various airlines in order to select the most pet-friendly one. Some allow dogs in the cabin while others may require them to travel in the cargo hold. It also important to know the specific requirements, documentation and fees associated with travelling with a dog. The Government of Canada offers these tips for safe travel with animals.

Carriers for Dogs

Soft-Sided Carriers

Soft-sided carriers are a popular choice for small dog owners due to their lightweight and flexible design. These carriers are usually made of durable fabric materials such as nylon or canvas. They often feature mesh windows for proper ventilation and visibility. 


  • Portability: Soft-sided carriers are lightweight and easy to carry, making them convenient for short trips or walks.
  • Comfort: The soft fabric and cushioned interior provide a cozy environment for your dog, making them feel secure and relaxed.
  • Versatility: These carriers are generally airline-approved, allowing you to use them for air travel as well.
  • Storage: Soft-sided carriers are collapsible and can be easily stored when not in use.


  • Durability: While they are generally sturdy, soft-sided carriers may not withstand rough handling or aggressive chewers.
  • Limited space: The soft structure may restrict your dog's movement, making it suitable for shorter journeys or for dogs that prefer snug spaces.

Hard-Sided Carriers

Hard-sided carriers, often made of durable plastic or fiberglass, offer a sturdy and protective environment for your small dog during travel. These carriers are ideal for longer trips or when extra security is required. 


  • Protection: Hard-sided carriers provide better protection against impacts or accidents, ensuring your dog's safety.
  • Ventilation: Most hard-sided carriers come with ventilation openings or vents to maintain airflow and prevent overheating.
  • Security: These carriers usually have secure latches and locks, reducing the risk of accidental openings during transit.
  • Durability: Hard-sided carriers are built to withstand rough handling and are more resistant to scratches and wear.


  • Weight: Compared to soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers tend to be heavier, which can be cumbersome during travel.
  • Limited flexibility: The rigid structure of hard-sided carriers may make them less versatile and harder to fit into tight spaces.
  • Storage: Unlike soft-sided carriers, hard-sided ones may not collapse or fold flat for easy storage.

Wheeled Carriers

Wheeled carriers, also known as dog strollers or pet carriers with wheels, are an excellent option for pet owners who want to combine mobility and convenience. These carriers come in both soft-sided and hard-sided versions, with the added benefit of wheels. 


  • Mobility: Wheeled carriers eliminate the need for carrying your dog, especially during long journeys or when you're running errands.
  • Comfort: These carriers provide a smooth ride for your dog and reduce the impact on their joints.
  • Storage: Many wheeled carriers feature additional compartments or pockets for storing essentials such as treats, toys, or personal items.
  • Versatility: Some models offer convertible options, allowing you to detach the carrier from the wheels and use it separately.


  • Size limitations: Wheeled carriers may not be suitable for dogs that are too large or heavy for the carrier's weight capacity.
  • Terrain limitations: Uneven surfaces or rough terrains may make it difficult to maneuver the carrier smoothly.
  • Bulkiness: The addition of wheels may increase the overall size and weight of the carrier, making it less compact for storage.

Choosing the right carrier for transporting your dog is crucial for their safety, comfort, and overall well-being. It's important to consider your specific travel needs, your dog's size and temperament, as well as any airline or transportation regulations before making a decision. With the right carrier, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable journey for both you and your furry friend.

Regardless of where your travels take you, if you are considering traveling with a dog you'll need to consider the duration of the journey and whether your dog's temperament and health conditions are suitable for the trip. And if your dog gets anxious or suffers from motion sickness, consult with a veterinarian for appropriate solutions.

Health and Vaccinations

Depending on where you travel, your pet may require specific vaccinations just to get into the country. So when planning travels with your furry friend, be sure they are up to date on vaccinations and preventive medications. And schedule a visit with the vet to ensure your dog is healthy enough to travel and that you obtain all the necessary certificates and documents. Learn more about bringing your dog into Canada here. 

Again, depending on where you are arriving from, you may also be required to quarantine your pet upon arrival or for them to be microchipped in advance.

When considering any travel, it's crucial to honestly evaluate your dog's overall well-being, including any pre-existing health conditions or age-related concerns that might affect their ability to travel comfortably.

Accommodation Considerations when Traveling with a Dog

When choosing accommodations, look for dog-friendly options that suit your needs. Check if the hotels or vacation rentals you are considering have specific policies and amenities for pets. Some establishments may have size or breed restrictions and many will require additional fees. Read more about pet friendly accommodations in Victoria here

Ensure that the accommodation provides a safe and comfortable environment for your dog, with nearby green spaces for exercise and relief. Additionally, be mindful of the rules and etiquette regarding pets, such as keeping them on a leash in public areas, not leaving them unattended in the room, and cleaning up after them.

Activities and Attractions

Getting your pet to your destination and finding a pet-friendly place to stay are important first steps but you'll also need to consider what you plan to do when you get there. It's one thing if you are staying with friends or family and are only traveling as far as the backyard, however if you participating in activities or attending local attractions, you'll need to research whether they are suitable for your dog.

Some attractions may be dog-friendly, but others may have restrictions due to safety concerns or local regulations. If you plan to visit museums, historical sites or amusement parks, check their pet policies in advance.

Outdoor activities such as hiking or discovering dog-friendly parks and beaches can be terrific options to provide opportunities for you and your dog to explore and exercise.

Traveling with a dog takes careful consideration of various factors. By taking the time to evaluate all of these aspects, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safety, well-being and enjoyment of both you and your beloved pet throughout your travels.

Remember to plan ahead, be prepared and prioritize your dog's needs to get the best of your travel experience.

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