Tours in Victoria BC

The options for tours in Victoria BC are as diverse as our landscape. You won’t be disappointed whether you are looking for a free self-guided tour or use a local guide with private, luxury transportation. 

Disclaimer: I may make a small commission from some of the links on this page.

Without a doubt, the most popular tours in Victoria BC are whale watching on the wild Pacific Ocean, the incredible floral displays of Butchart Gardens and wine tasting tours in the popular Cowichan Valley and Saanich Peninsula. But there are many, many more options to choose from.

Guided Tours in Victoria BC

Learn more about your tour options and compare prices on these tours:

Disclaimer: I may make a small commission from some of the links on this page.

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Still not sure if you should use a guide or do your own thing? Read about the pros and cons of booking guided trips and tours here. 

Tours, Lessons & Rentals

Free Tours in Victoria BC

  • Parliament Buildings at the Inner Harbour – If you enjoy history and beautiful architecture then you will want to take advantage of a 45-minute tour of the BC Parliament Buildings.  Conclude your tour with a relaxed dining experience in the building’s lower-level Parliamentary Dining Room. The public hours vary depending on the schedule of the Legislative Assembly. Check their hours here. Lunch is not included in the free tour. This is one of my favourite tours in Victoria BC and I take all my visiting guests here.
  • Gardens at Government House – located at 1401 Rockland Avenue, they are not as spectacular as Butchart Gardens however you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through 36 acres of manicured gardens and native woodlands at your own pace, at no cost from dawn till dusk. 
  • Gardens at Hatley Park – located at 2005 Sooke Road in Colwood, the park is home to Hatley Castle and several acres of beautifully manicured gardens including the Italian Garden, the Rose Garden and Japanese Gardens. Access to the garden is impacted by COVID-19 – check their website for details

Click on the links below to download the maps and guides.

  • James Bay Heritage Walking Tour #1 – this route begins and ends at Government and Superior streets and includes the house where writer/artist Emily Carr lived.
  • James Bay Heritage Walking Tour #2 – this tour begins and ends at Ogden Point (Breakwater District) and takes you to the Inner Harbour before heading towards the neighbourhood of James Bay and then back to the Dallas Road waterfront.
  • Haunted Victoria – we have been dubbed the Most Haunted City in Canada. This self-guided tour from St. Ann’s Academy to Bastion Square will help you experience the supernatural side of Victoria.
  • Law and Disorder – From the Union Club to City Hall, follow this route to discover some of the not-so-law-abiding citizens and their stories.
  • Rollicking Boomtown – You would never guess that Victoria was once known for opium smuggling, gambling and prostitution. This tour takes you back to an era that was wild, and got even wilder when Gold Rush madness descended on Victoria. 
  • Mysterious Chinatown – From Market Square to the Gates of Harmonious Interest, this is one of the most popular walking tours in Victoria BC. Learn about secret tunnels, tea houses, gambling dens and opium parlours in Canada’s oldest Chinatown. 

We would love to hear your feedback on these trips and tours in Victoria BC. Please contact us when you get home to share your story. 

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