How to Dress for Victoria BC Weather

Victoria BC weather is predictably unpredictable.

We enjoy the most temperate climate in all of Canada with lots of sun (according to Victoria is the 8th sunniest city in Canada), beautiful fresh air and not as much rain as many people think. In fact, data from Environment Canada for the period of April 2018 to March of 2019 shows Victoria receiving total precipitation of 794.8 mm and Toronto, Canada receiving 932.6 mm. The biggest difference in the two cities is that most of our precipitation comes as rain while Toronto’s is a mix of rain and snow. With the atmospheric river systems we received in November 2021 that may increase our annual rainfall average however we also experienced severe drought in summer months so it may even itself out.

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Waterproof Columbia 3-in-1 jacket with liner removed.

Victoria BC weather rarely consists of lightning, thunderstorms or torrential rain. Our rain generally comes down gently, sometimes even as a mist. 

One of the best things about the weather in this area is that is doesn’t stop many people from getting outside and enjoying nature. All you need is a waterproof jacket and shoes/boots and you are good to go! And if you prefer something other than being out in nature, we have a list of awesome activities for you to enjoy when it is raining outside

Other Victoria BC weather-related considerations:

  • There is almost always a light ocean breeze
  • We experience a lot of rainbows
  • When it is sunny out, it usually feels warmer than the official temperature
  • Warm summer evenings are rare; it usually cools down quickly once the sun goes down
  • Some people feel the dampness, particularly older individuals in the winter (layering of clothing is good to combat this)
  • There are multiple micro-climates in the greater Victoria area with some neighbourhoods considerably warmer/cooler/drier/damper than others who are only a few kilometres away

How to dress for Victoria BC weather by month

Note: All temperatures are displayed in Celsius






  • Average high: 18
  • Average low: 8
  • Average precipitation: 26 mm
  • How to dress: light sweater, fleece vest, sandals (I love my birkenstocks!)
  • Read more about Victoria in May


  • Average high: 20
  • Average low: 10
  • Average precipitation: 2.5 mm
  • How to dress: light sweater or fleece vest for evening, sandals 
  • Read more about Victoria in June


  • Average high: 23-24
  • Average low: 12-13
  • Average precipitation: 1 mm
  • How to dress: light sweater or fleece vest for evening, sandals
  • Read more about Victoria in July


  • Average high: 23
  • Average low: 12
  • Average precipitation: 2.5 mm
  • How to dress: light sweater or fleece vest for evening, sandals
  • Read more about Victoria in August





Don't worry if you arrive unprepared for Victoria BC weather. There are many terrific outdoor stores in the downtown area where you can pick up quality rain gear. 

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