Relaxing Things for Couples to do in Victoria

There is no lack of things for couples to do in one of the most romantic cities in Canada. From pure pampering and relaxation to more active pursuits, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out our 7 Romantic Ideas for Couples who Love Adventure and Romantic Vacation Ideas for Foodies. Mix and match any of these things for couples to do to ensure your Victoria getaway is unforgettable.

9 Relaxing Things for Couples To Do

1. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Carriage rides are to Victoria what Venetian boats are to Venice – the iconic must do activity for romance. Snuggle up under a blanket and be lulled into quiet bliss with the steady clip clop of the horses. Book your tour now

2. Couples Massage

For the ultimate in relaxation and romance, we suggest a couple’s spa day. Indulge in massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and body wraps at the Boathouse Spa located at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. The Boathouse Spa is an oceanfront spa with three heated outdoor mineral baths on the shores of the Salish Sea for the ultimate in pampering. The Boathouse Spa is considered one of the top spas in Canada. Find more spas here.

3. Chinatown and Trounce Alley

If your romantic day includes strolling through alleys and squares, browsing in unique shops and dining at one-of-a-kind venues, then you just may find your perfect day in Victoria’s Chinatown, Trounce Alley and Market Square. Be sure to include a wander down Fan Tan Alley while you’re there – Canada’s narrowest street. 

4. Harbour Tour

Harbour Ferry in Victoria's Inner Harbour

Enjoy a scenic cruise around the Harbour or along the Gorge Waterway on board a small harbour ferry. Sit back and learn a little about the history of the region and the marine wildlife who call this area home.  These same ferries put on a magical “water ballet” show that is visible from the Inner Harbour causeway at 10:45 am most Sunday mornings, May through September. Check the Harbour Ferry website for show schedule and tour bookings. 

5. Ogden Point/Breakwater

Discover romance in simplicity as you stroll hand in hand along the Ogden Point Breakwater on Dallas Road, where the rhythmic crash of the ocean against the rocks creates a serene ambiance. This scenic spot offers more than just a romantic atmosphere; you'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of snow-capped mountains as you enjoy your leisurely walk.

The stroll to the lighthouse and return is approximately 1.6 km.

As of fall 2019, the entire Ogden Point area will undergo a transformation and be officially known as The Breakwater District, enhancing the allure of this already enchanting destination.

6. Aromatherapy 

Get the good vibes going with aromatherapy. Visit the Escents’ Blending Bar at Uptown or Hillside Mall for a unique hands-on experience of making your own custom product. Choose from over 100 blends and pure essential oils.

UPDATE: Sadly both Victoria locations are now permanently closed although they do have an online presence and you can still create custom blends.

7. Beacon Hill Park

Older couple walking hand in hand at a park

Grab a picnic lunch and head to Beacon Hill Park. We love to make our own lunch and throw in our insulated picnic backpack for convenience but you can also grab a hearty sandwich at Red Barn Market in James Bay before going to the park. Once there, enjoy a romantic walk through the gardens, get cuddly with the goats at the Children’s Petting Zoo and finish your date across the street with ice cream from Beacon Drive-in. 

8. Butchart Gardens

For more than a century, the gardens have consistently captivated visitors with their timeless charm. Explore 55 acres of meticulously maintained landscapes adorned with over a million bedding plants representing a staggering 900 varieties. Take a moment to truly immerse yourself in the experience – stop and savor the delightful fragrance of blooming roses.

Enhance your garden exploration by concluding it with a romantic dinner at The Dining Room, nestled within the historic family residence. With panoramic views of the gardens and Tod Inlet, indulge in award-winning cuisine crafted with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Elevate your visit to Butchart Gardens by reserving a tour today.

Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC

9. Galleries and Museums

Perfect for rainy days or when you want to enjoy quiet reflection, Victoria's galleries and museums have something for everyone. 

With over 25 galleries and museums featuring a broad spectrum of pieces from Canadian paintings, one-of-a-kind sculptures, contemporary glass art, maritime and nautical artifacts, military museums and of course the Royal BC Museum, you could literally browse for days. Check our full guide for locations of each gallery and museum and a brief description of the pieces they feature.

I hope I've given you enough relaxing ideas of things for couples to do here in Victoria. Enjoy your visit - Victoria does not disappoint!

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