Things to Do in Victoria When it’s Raining Outside

If you’re in Victoria in the summer, there’s very little chance of it raining outside. In fact, in June, July and August we receive an average of just 6mm of rain in total!

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Things are a little different in November, December and January though, that’s when we get the bulk of our precipitation. 

If you ask a local what kind of things you can do in Victoria when it is raining outside, they’ll tell you “anything!”.

Weather doesn’t stop a lot of people from doing what they want. Almost everybody in this part of the country owns a good waterproof jacket (Helly Hansen is very popular around here) and out they go!

If you don't bring a waterproof jacket with you, we’ve got two fantastic local shops that will help you out – Robinson’ Outdoor Store on Broad Street and Capital Iron on Store Street. 

But if being outside in the rain isn’t your thing, and you still want to experience Victoria, we’ve got some ideas for you:

Awesome activities even when it's raining outside

  1. Enjoy an informative, free 45-minute tour of the BC Parliament Buildings. As a special treat, experience breakfast or lunch in the Legislative Dining Room (the hours of operation change based on the schedule of the Legislative Assembly).
  2. Browse one of the best museums in Canada – the Royal British Columbia Museum
  3. Step back in time with a tour of Craigdarroch Castle
  4. Enjoy the magic of exotic butterflies at the Butterfly Gardens - get tickets here
  5. Hire a driver and enjoy a fully narrated, scenic coastal tour
  6. See the best of little tiny things at Miniature World
  7. Learn the secrets of west coast cuisine at a cooking class
  8. Find the perfect reading materials at Munro Books, located in a magnificent heritage building on Government Street. Discover why National Geographic recognized Munro's as the third best bookstore in the world
  9. Get your mind racing and heart beating at an escape room
  10. Enjoy one of the newest crazes with axe throwing at Axe & Grind
  11. Take in the movies. In fact, after you visit the Royal BC Museum, head next door to the IMAX theatre. Entrance fee is reduced if you purchase both tickets at the same time.
  12. Visit some of our incredible churches – Christ Church Cathedral on Burdett Ave and St. Andrews on View Street are two breathtaking options
  13. Get creeped out at The Bug Zoo
  14. Take a scenic tour down the Gorge Waterway on a covered, electric boat
  15. Visit historic Emily Carr House
  16. Enjoy the best of local libations on a winery, brewery or cidery tour
  17. Take in a live performance at the Belfry Theatre, Royal Theatre or McPherson Playhouse
  18. For the ultimate dinosaur lover, book a private tour of the fossil gallery at Dino Lab 

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a rain day to enjoy any of these entertaining activities. We hope you enjoy your stay in Victoria whether it is raining outside or not!

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