Vancouver Islands Own Trail Mix & Granola

One of the best things about Victoria is discovering new businesses like Vancouver Islands Own trail mix and granola company. I recently connected with one of the co-owners Sean, and invited him to let my site visitors know a little bit more about his company and products. 

Vancouver Islands Own is a small-batch, artisan granola and trail mix company located in Victoria, BC. They are best known for hand-crafting unique products that include freeze-dried fruits and vegan chocolate clusters. Everything they produce is made with freshly harvested, organic, wholesome ingredients, that are locally sourced whenever possible. I love that about this company!

They vacuum seal all of their ingredients in glass jars to ensure freshness and maintain quality.

Sean and his partner started their company from a desire to create delicious snack foods that are kind to our bodies as well as the planet. They also felt like the world of trail mix and granola needed exploring and expanding upon!

The first thing that was considered was the company's environmental impact and they looked for ways they could reduce their carbon footprint while still offering local Victoria, BC residents and tourists delicious snack foods.

They made the decision to utilize glass jars that not only safely seals and stores the granolas and trail mixes, but encourages customers to join in their zero-waste practices with a jar take-back program. Even the labels and their adhesives are made entirely from recycled materials! 

Vancouver Islands Own sources all fruit that can be grown locally from certified organic farms right here on Vancouver Island. The oats, chocolate, maple syrup, and various other ingredients come from within Canada.

Vancouver Islands Own Trail Mix and Granola company believes that the key to creating a thriving local economy is to support friends and neighbours and that is a principle we can all get behind!

For now, Vancouver Islands Own has made the decision to only offer their products at select stores throughout Vancouver Island, at the Moss Street Market, and occasionally other local markets. They have moved away from the waste created through shipping and large-scale delivery. Vancouver Island's Own also offers local delivery within 8km of the Moss Street Market. 

About Vancouver Islands Own Trail Mixes and Granolas

Each one of their granolas contain freeze-dried fruits which add an amazing flavourful crunch to their already delectable signature granola recipes.

If you're looking for something creamy with a pop of berry flavour, the cashew and macadamia nut-filled Mt. Washington trail mix is right up your alley!

The Vancouver Island trail mix contains a classic combination of hearty nuts, peanut butter, vegan milk chocolate, freeze-dried banana, and coconut.

The Juan De Fuca trail mix is centred around an espresso, dark chocolate granola cluster and unsweetened, dried tart cherries.

The only savoury trail mix really shines through as the West Coast trail mix, which is filled with sesame tahini clusters, toasted nori strips, tamari almonds, and cashews roasted in nutritional yeast to add a salty, cheesy kick.

If you’re looking to add fresh, hand-crafted, organic, vegan, and healthy snacks to your diet, then Vancouver Islands Own trail mix and granola was made with you in mind.

What are you waiting for? See you at the market on Saturday morning!

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