Kite Boarding Lessons and More: Mastering the Waves with DKP™

The thrill of the ocean awaits with wakeboarding, foiling and kite boarding lessons at Dynamic Kiteboarding Progression™ (DKP) in Victoria BC. Whether you're a beginner eager to learn the basics or an experienced rider looking to refine your techniques, DKP's boarding lessons are tailored to suit all levels.

Let me provide you with more information about the company, instructor and what you can anticipate when booking lessons with DKP. But before we delve into that, let's first explore a bit about wakeboarding, foiling and kite boarding in general.

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Wakeboarding is a water sport where participants ride on a small board, similar to a surfboard, while being towed behind a boat. The rider is connected to the boat by a rope and harness and the boat generates a wake (a trail of disturbed water) that the rider uses to perform tricks and maneuvers. Wakeboarding combines elements of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, as riders can carve through the water, jump off the wake, and perform aerial tricks. It's a thrilling and dynamic sport that requires balance, agility and coordination, making it popular among water sports enthusiasts of all ages.


Hydrofoiling, also just known as foiling, is a technique used in water sports where a hydrofoil, a wing-like structure, is attached to a surfboard. The hydrofoil works by lifting the board out of the water as it gains speed, reducing drag and increasing speed and efficiency. As the board moves forward, water flows over the hydrofoil, generating lift and raising the hull above the water's surface. This reduces drag significantly allowing for smoother and faster rides and an exhilarating and efficient way to travel over water.

Variations on equipment for foiling:

  • Kite Foiling: Combines a kiteboarding setup with a foil board for light wind riding
  • Wing Foiling: Uses a handheld wing with a foil board, allowing riders to lift off the water and surf waves downwind
  • Surf Foiling: Refers to using a foil board to ride waves. It includes intro surf foiling (basic foil riding) and advanced surf foil that focuses on downwinding and pump foiling techniques. 

DKP provides two types of foiling lessons: surf foiling and wing foiling.

Surf Foiling: Seadoo assisted and led by an expert instructor to maintain a controlled environment. This is the type of foiling lesson recommended for beginners or those wanting to improve their skills.

Wing Foiling: DKP uses a 3-step approach similar to their kite boarding lessons: (1) perfect the maneuvers on land, (2) learn to fly the hand-held wing, and (3) put it all together on the water. A beginner would need to commit to at least 3 lessons. 

Kite Boarding

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is an exhilarating water sport that combines aspects of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. Participants use a large controllable kite and a twin-tip board (without an underwater wing) to glide across the water's surface. The kite is typically attached to the rider by a harness, allowing them to use the power of the wind to propel themselves through the water. Kiteboarders can perform various maneuvers, jumps and tricks by controlling the kite's position and the board's orientation. This sport requires skill in kite control, balance and understanding of wind conditions. Kiteboarding can be done on lakes, rivers, and oceans, making it a versatile and dynamic water activity enjoyed by many thrill-seekers around the world. 

Kite boarding lessons through DKP are offered at Clover Point in Victoria and similar to wing foiling, a minimum 3-lesson commitment is recommended. 

Meet David

The founder and lead instructor at DKP is David Baker. David's passion for kiteboarding and foiling began in 2018 and he has logged hundreds of hours on the water since. 

I first connected with David during a business collaboration and from our interactions, it's evident that he is a dedicated and enthusiastic instructor deeply committed to delivering outstanding water experiences.

I was impressed by his clear and concise communication style. David is prompt in responding to emails, addressing inquiries comprehensively. In person, he demonstrates articulate communication and provides precise guidance. His instructional abilities are truly exceptional.

Dynamic Kiteboarding Progression™ follows all guidelines and regulations as stipulated by Transport Canada which include having the necessary licenses to operate a vessel commercially, ensuring there is at least one operator and one spotter on board when towing an individual behind the Seadoo and not being on the water past sunset. They are committed to professionally delivering a safe and enriching learning experience. The Zhik PFDs and helmets are the same ones used by the Canadian Sailing Team, so you can be assured they are the highest calibre. 

Currently there is no Canadian Government recognized certifications for  kiteboarding and foiling, unlike diving or kayaking for example.

David has exciting ideas for growth of his business and one aspect is developing a certification method to ensure comprehensive training in kiteboarding and wing foiling that is recognized within Canada. 

What to Expect with Foiling and Kite Boarding Lessons with DKP

Wing foiling and kite boarding lessons follow a three-step process over the course of 3 separate lessons. 

Step 1 introduces you to wind, weather, board setup and safety. Starting on land, you'll begin by handling a trainer kite and mastering all the essential maneuvers.

After achieving proficiency in these skills, you'll progress to Step 2 – hitting the water! However, you won't be set free just yet. During this phase, you'll experience foiling or kiteboarding in the water without managing the kite directly, using a board towed behind a Seadoo to focus solely on the feel of kiteboarding/foiling.

Once you've successfully completed the first two steps, you'll be ready to apply your kite and board skills in practice. You'll navigate around Southern Vancouver Island, with the reassurance of a Seadoo and instructor nearby to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the experience.

Surf foiling on the other hand can be experienced with just one lesson. I must caution you though, as an absolute beginner it is unlikely that you will master foiling in this one lesson however you should expect to get a good grasp on foot positioning and board balance skills. This just might be enough to hook you and have you booking your next lesson before you even leave the parking lot! With subsequent lessons, you will progress much quicker and in no time, experience flying on the foil and truly enjoying the exhilarating aspects of the sport. 

The Future of DKP

David began teaching in the summer of 2020 and re-branded to DKP™ in the summer of 2023. His plans include adding more Seadoos and instructors at Clover Point and Cattle Point for lessons, and expanding into tours around the coastal islands. In collaboration with local businesses and hotels, David envisions a future where southern Vancouver Island is a premier destination for wind and watersports in British Columbia. He is excited to help create a surf-town vibe along the coast. 

If you are interested in foiling or kiteboarding lessons in Victoria BC, I encourage you to visit DKP's website and book your lessons today.

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