Pacific Football Club: Professional Soccer Lives Here

Victoria locals are excited to welcome the Pacific Football Club to town. The brand-new professional soccer team began play in the Spring of 2019 and play out of the refurbished Westhills Stadium. 2019 was the inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League. 

The City of Langford has once again secured high calibre sports entertainment, this time in the form of professional soccer. The Pacific Football Club (PFC) will share the turf with Rugby Canada who will continue to train at Westhills and host international rugby matches and tournaments at the facility. And because the games will be played in Langford, you won’t have to pay to park to watch professional sports! I really love that about Langford.

I also appreciate some of the upgrades being made to Westhills stadium that includes a new family fun zone, a stage and concert area, a couple of concession stands and even more parking!

At the rear of the stadium and across from Rugby Canada is the new Sarah Beckett memorial playground that makes me wish I was a kid again!

One other upgrade that all fans will notice is more covered seating and no more cold, metal bleachers! A word of caution though, the new seating is very shallow and in my opinion, not nearly as comfortable as I had anticipated. 

Goodbye metal bleachers, hello plastic seating - at WesthillsGoodbye metal bleachers, hello plastic seating - at Westhills

The Victoria-based team will be represented by a logo and colour scheme that tells a story of their new home. The logo is a stylized Douglas fir with a trident at the base, characterizing the ocean. The colours are called Starfish Purple, Lagoon Blue and Lighthouse White.

The Canadian Premier League is launching its inaugural season with the following teams:

  • Pacific FC, Victoria
  • Valour FC, Winnipeg
  • Forge FC, Hamilton
  • HFX Wanderers FC, Halifax
  • York 9 FC, Toronto
  • Calvary FC, Calgary
  • FC Edmonton, Edmonton

I like the initial representation from across the country. Hopefully this league is a success and we can add even more teams such as reps from BC interior, the prairies, Quebec, southwestern Ontario and another from the Maritimes. For now, I’m excited to see where this will go. 

The championship format has some interesting twists. The 7 teams will each play a spring season and a fall season. The team with the most points at the end of the spring season will earn an automatic berth in the championship.

All teams start back at zero points for the fall portion and then the winner of the fall season wins the other berth. The two winners then play for the 2019 Canadian Premier League Champion.

I’m sure if the fall winner also happens to be the same team that won the spring session then there is some formula for figuring out who the other winner would be. Refer to the CPL site for details. 

The teams in this league will play in two additional competitions in the 2019 season. There will be a Canadian championship which will include other Canadian clubs from other leagues such as Major League Soccer and League 1 Ontario. It would be particularly thrilling in this part of the country to see a Pacific Football Club vs Vancouver Whitecaps game. 

The second is a series of games that will result in earning a spot in CONCACAF Champions League.

Let’s show our support for the Pacific Football Club and get out to catch a game. See you there!

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