Get Inspired Gingerbread House Ideas at the
Annual Gingerbread Showcase

Every year, at the annual Gingerbread Showcase in Victoria, gingerbread house ideas are transformed into marvellous creations, all in support of Habitat for Humanity. The annual event is building a reputation as a premier family-friendly holiday tradition not to be missed.

Each year attracts more entries and more visitors and raises more money for Habitat for Humanity. In 2020 a whopping $102,000 was raised during the 7-week event, with all of it going directly to support build projects in Greater Victoria. 

All photos credit: Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Gingerbread Showcase

And to help get the creative gingerbread house ideas flowing, the organizers of the Gingerbread Showcase designate a theme each year. Recent years have seen themes such as Around the World, Celebrating Canada, No Place Like Home and Come & Join Our Neighbourhood. The theme for 2021 is The Future of Home. But the bakers aren’t restricted to make houses. In fact, they prefer to call them “creations”. There are a few rules that all bakers – amateurs and professionals – must abide by:

All photos credit: Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Gingerbread Showcase

  1. Each creation must be on a solid 24" x 24” plywood base that is provided.
  2. No part of the creation is allowed to extend over the edge of the base. 
  3. The creation must be a minimum of 18” in height (these are some serious dimensions!)
  4. Everything has got to be edible (except that plywood of course)
  5. You are responsible for getting it to the display location and setting it up (this is where Buddy from Cake Boss would come in handy – his team knows how to move creations without toppling them over!)

All photos credit: Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Gingerbread Showcase

If you decide, heck I don’t want to just look at all these masterpieces, I want to participate and make my own, then there’s a few things you need to know.

  • First impressions matter – make yours a beauty. 
  • The judges will want to see your creativity and originality, how well you interpret the theme as well as your use of gingerbread.
  • They’ll want to see the techniques you used and skills you have demonstrated. 
  • And the baking engineers will be interested in the structural integrity of your creation. 

Awards will be given in areas such as the best professional and best amateur, best first impression and best interpretation of the theme.

All photos credit: Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Gingerbread Showcase

Maybe you don’t want to enter the competition but just get a few ideas for some gingerbread baking with friends or family. The very best way to get inspired is to head out to the annual Gingerbread Showcase. In 2021 it is being held at four downtown locations: The Parkside Hotel and Spa, The The Chateau Victoria, The Marriott Inner Harbour and The Doubletree from Saturday November 20, 2021 until Sunday January 2, 2022. 

All photos credit: Habitat for Humanity Victoria - Gingerbread Showcase

Get more gingerbread house ideas from some past years of the Gingerbread Showcase 201620172018, 2019.

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