Fishermans Wharf Victoria BC: Fun for the Whole Family!

Step onto the pier at Fishermans Wharf in Victoria BC and step into one of the most eccentric communities of the region.  Built after the second world war and officially opened in 1948, the wharf was largely used for industrial purposes in the fishing and packing industry in its early years. Now decades later, it is still a primary hub for fishing vessels but also home to 33 eclectic float homes, eco-tourism businesses, dining and shopping. 

Float Homes

Long before tiny houses were trendy, Victoria their own version of a tiny-house village - Fishermans Wharf! Thirty-three colourful, unique float homes permanently moored at the two most eastern piers.

Fishermans Wharf is owned and operated by the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and according to their website, there are no absentee owners of these homes and they are not rented (although there is a B&B).

Prior to the pandemic in 2020, visitors to the wharf could stroll along the boardwalk just feet away from the home doors to admire the uniqueness of the village.

This was a highlight of any visit however the piers are currently roped off for resident use only and it is unclear if this will revert back once we finally reach the end of the pandemic. 

TIP: Go for a short walk on the David Foster Walkway (located just beside the entrance to the pier) and walk just a couple hundred feet towards the inner harbour, then look back for a spectacular view of the entire wharf area. Or better yet, hop on a harbour ferry and see them from the water for a different perspective.


With the marine industry playing such a prominent role at the wharf, it should be no surprise that fishing charters, whale watching tours and kayak tours are all available here at Fishermans Wharf in Victoria BC.

Eagle Wing Whale and Wildlife Tours is consistently voted the number one whale watching company on popular travel sites. With dedicated, knowledgeable guides and guaranteed whale sightings this is a bucket-list item worth crossing off in Victoria. 

Kayak tours are available at Kelp Reef Adventures. Let the certified guides take on an amazing adventure you won't forget. Choose from a variety of available tours.  

With a fleet of 3 vessels ranging from 25' to 30', Beasley's Fishing Charters takes you where the fish are. Whether it is the local rivers and streams or the mighty Pacific Ocean, there's always fish to catch in these waters. Get in touch with Beasley's to plan your next experience. 


Of course there is seafood available at Fishermans Wharf in Victoria BC but your options don't end there! Try Puerto Vallarta Amigos for some Mexican fare, Smoke and Anchor for piled high house-smoked meat sandwiches, Pirate Pizza, Jackson's Ice Cream or get cotton candy and mini donuts at Sweets. Personally though if I'm going down for a day at Fishermans Wharf, I'm going for the fish! Your two options are Barb's Fish & Chips and The Fish Store. Both delicious but the halibut at The Fish Store is spectacular!


Fishermans Wharf Victoria BC is not exactly a shopping destination but there is one small boutique and you won't be disappointed if you pop in. At 4 Winds Nest Artisans Boutique you'll find handmade, local pottery, glass, wood, jewelry, soaps and imported table linens. 

Other Information

  • There is no charge to enter Fishermans Wharf
  • Pay parking is in effect throughout the year
  • Fishermans Wharf is a "no drone zone" because of it's proximity to the Victoria Harbour Airport (part of the harbour is a designated airport for the float planes)
  • You can borrow a PDF for your child while you visit the wharf
  • You can board a ferry right on the pier that will take you to a variety of stops on the waterfront. Check the map and schedule for details

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