The City of Langford: Live, Work and Play

The City of Langford is one of the best places in Greater Victoria for living, working, dining, shopping and entertainment. It is the fastest growing community in the Capital Regional District (CRD) and remains one of the most affordable. To recognize this, their new slogan and branding is "where it all happens" and I feel that is pretty accurate.

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Some of the reasons I think makes Langford so desirable are:


The City of Langford is blessed with natural beauty that includes spectacular city, ocean and mountain views and three scenic lakes located within the city limits. Langford Lake, Glen Lake and Florence Lake each boast a swimming beach, boat launch, fishing opportunities and walking trails. Enjoy tranquility just steps from your door with a visit to any of these lakes. 


This is one of those small things that makes a nice difference – all parking is free in the City of Langford. It doesn’t matter if you are attending a festival, going to a park, dining out or shopping – you don’t have to worry about a parking meter. There may be time limits on certain spots so be sure to watch for that. Also, I must add that will all the growth in Langford it may mean walking a little further to find a spot. Not paying to park puts a smile on my face and is one of the reasons I choose to shop and dine in Langford BC.   

Get tickets for exciting activities around Greater Victoria now!

Goldstream Farmer’s Market

This is a fabulous small open-air market located at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Saturdays during the summer (May through October). And for those who still want a market experience during the winter months, the Legion runs a Night Market on average once a month. Be sure to check their Facebook page for dates and times. 

World Class Sporting Events

The City is home to Rugby Canada, Cycling Canada and Tennis Canada and this translates into world class athletes living, training and playing in the area. And world class facilities for citizens to enjoy. UPDATE: As of Spring 2019, the area is also home to the Pacific Football Club, joining Rugby Canada at Starlight Stadium.

Starlight Stadium (formerly known as Westhills Stadium) is home to the HSBC women’s sevens rugby tournament held annually around Mother’s Day weekend.

Although COVID cancelled many events, Rugby Canada have confirmed the women's tournament will return in 2022.

If you haven’t treated yourself to this spectacular event, then you are missing one of the most high-energy, action-packed weekends anywhere in Greater Victoria. Talented athletes representing 12 countries meet on the field for this, the 5th stop on the HSBC women’s sevens tour. 

The Canadian National Mountain Bike Team makes it home at the Bear Mountain resort where the amenities include a training centre, dirt jump park and bike trails. The Bear Mountain Trail System is an outdoor adventure destination for people of all ages and abilities. 

Just off Westhills Parkway is the brand new Jordie Lunn Bike Park which is a year-round recreational cycling park catering to cyclists of all ages and abilities. The track combines elements of dirt jumping, a pump track, skills area and mountain biking trails and is free to the public. 

There are numerous amenities and activities in the region to help get and keep your family active. One of the premier facilities in the region is the West Shore Recreation Centre located on Old Island Highway. It is home to an arena, golf course, fitness centre, swimming pool, library, bike park, walking trails and much more. 

A very fun and inexpensive way for families to enjoy time together is painting, hiding and finding rocks. It’s a craze sweeping the area and so easy to get started. Our painted rocks page will tell you everything you need to know to join the fun. 

City of Langford for Kids

In the summer time, what kid doesn’t love a spray park? There are currently facilities at five city parks: 

  • City Centre Park 
  • Veterans Memorial Park 
  • Langford Lake Beach 
  • Glen Lake Beach 
  • Centennial Park 

The spray parks are generally open day time hours in the summer. Check the City of Langford website for dates, times and a full list of amenities and services the city has to offer.

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