Adult Entertainment: Ideas for 19+

The adult entertainment section of Must Be Victoria is for gambling, smoking and alcohol-related activities only. 

The age of majority in the Province of British Columbia is 19. That’s the age an individual is legally considered an adult and is able to do things like vote, smoke cigarettes and marijuana, apply for a credit card, get married or join the armed forces without parental consent, enter a binding contract, buy lottery tickets, consume alcohol and gamble. 

For most teenagers, they look forward to turning 19 so they can legally drink but as of October 2018, it is also now the age they can legally purchase and consume marijuana. This whole industry is very new to Canada but I am expecting companies will soon expand their tour businesses to include stops at farms to sample the weed. We’ll update this section as the industry evolves. 

Brewery Tours

West Coast Brewery Tours provides brewery, distillery and winery tours. All aboard the Brewery Response Unit! This tour is not like a booze cruise or party bus style tour, the passenger van is simply the transportation to and from the various venues. 

Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries

Island Craft: Your Guide to the Breweries of Vancouver Island

Here on Vancouver Island, we have an excellent variety of delightful locally produced alcoholic beverages. Our selection of breweries, distilleries and cideries is diverse and many of them are accessible through tasting rooms and tours (a responsible and very fun option). Find a full listing here

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The gambling landscape has certainly changed over the years. It’s not too many years ago that live harness racing was taking place at Sandown Race Track – as of September 2018 it is the home of the new Sandown Shopping Centre. The demand for bingo halls has seen the same decline with the city supporting 4 halls in the past and as of January 2019, the Esquimalt Bingo Hall on Esquimalt Road is the only one left in town. But we do have one casino

The View Royal Casino recently underwent a renovation and name change. Now known as Elements Casino Victoria, it is still located on Island Highway near the View Royal/Colwood border and is the place to go for live gambling entertainment. 

Other adult entertainment ideas include:

  • Christmas Craft Beer Show 
  • Great Canadian Beer Festival 
  • The Phillips Backyard Weekender
  • Victoria Whisky Festival
  • Victoria Ale Trail

Have you got any 19+ entertainment ideas we have missed? Use our contact form and let us know.

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